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A new entrant, Travelyze, has taken the airfare market in India by storm. With hand-picked airfares and discounted flights, Travelyze aggregates and displays only the cheapest airfares available online. We found unbelievably cheap airfares using Travelyze. We found Mumbai To Delhi Flights starting at only Rs 2099. We have never seen such low prices before!

Eliminating your travel related Anxieties

Garmin Nuvi has recently come up its latest stand alone Satellite navigation System, the Garmin Nuvi 600 which is replete with a number of performance enhancing features. The selling point of the device also hinges on its dependability and accurate travel information. Convenience and flexibility are other important aspects that are carefully handled, with the compact specification combined with its lightweight nature driving home the point.

If you don't want to buy another device, you can always download the Nuvi app which is available for all Android Phones and iPhones. If you have an old phone, we recommend checking out some of the new upcoming mobiles.

The device is equipped with nothing less than with a 4.3″ WQVGA colour TFT widescreen, which makes for a more interactive interface. Meanwhile, the screen resolution of 480 x 272 pixels well supplements its screen size, and there is also the provision to of a white backlight that improves image clarity. Touch screen is another contemporary feature adorning the Garmin nuevi 600 and makes for a convenient way to collect information and instructions. The later feature is further refined by the inclusion of the anti-glaring coat which protects your eyes from light reflections.

Coming to one of its core functions, the device consists of maps of Ireland and UK, and is aided by a highly sensitive GPS receiver which makes for a more accurate and authentic information display. You can get instructions to the desired location by just typing the address or the point of interest. The maps can be viewed in both 2D and 3D formats. There is also the provision to upload customized POIs, alerts for speed zones and safety cameras via the device.

Navigation functionality apart, the device also ensures a healthy dose of entertainment for you so that the journey becomes a memorable one. You can enjoy a whole range of MP3s, audio books and pictures as well. That’s not all as you can indulge in world clock, currency and measurement converters and calculator.